Hero = [one who dares to live by her/his ideal]


The Heroes Academy is a one week, full-time, transformational experience co-created by a colorful group of aspiring Heroes.


THE Academy :: OUR MissioN


A program designed for you to find a shift in your life! Providing the transformational experience, allowing the heroes to unleash and dare living their own highly colorful lives.



Wake up! Disconnect from your routines and let a new one emerge. Stand back from internet, electronics, time or external worries for a while. Find the ideal place for setting a new standard of living!

Leave full of energy and completely realigned with your deeper self!


The program is co-created by an international, very diverse, group of extraordinary individuals. True intercultural collaboration happens when each individual find their space in the group. It is an incredible challenge that will result in feeling the power of diversity and getting inspired!

Be part of a worldwide loving community of Heroes that will support you being the person you want to be.


Challenge your own beliefs and habits at your own pace. Dare to meet your anti-hero and make peace with it. Reflect on the experience to learn from your attitude toward the world: every interaction is a potential master. Be guided in finding your unique calling: stand for what you care about! Unleash your potential

Crystallize your own unique super power thanks to our Life Design technique.


The experience is balanced between main quests, co-designed experiences and free time, filled with a wide variety of activities:
Training, Mindfulness Meditation, Campfires, Group Discussions, Experimentation, Dance, Adventure in Nature, Massages, Games, Creativity, Coaching, Cooking, Reflection, Prototyping and many more...
There is no way to predict what will emerge: You only set the limits!


THE Hero :: OUR ValueS

The hero's power to reach deep alignment to her-/himself, to others and to the world.
They are developed throughout the Academy.


The highest priority to enter the hero's way is to be authentically ourselves. 
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

– Albert Einstein


At the core of universe is Love.
Living with generosity to ourselves, humanity and the world is how to feel in harmony with it.


We need to stand for the lifes we deserve. 
"When nothing is planned, everything is possible."

– Antoine de Maximy

0 € All Inclusive


Like the Dhamma in Buddhism, the program is entirely funded by open and anonymous donations from previous participants. 
This creates a circle of generosity at the core of the community values.

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Share your topic

This event is really co-created by the participants. Come and share your favorite topic.

Bring your skills

Every passion will find its space: cooking, music, sports, meditation, yoga, coaching, photography, logistics, etc.

Push forward

Interested in the concept? And you want to help with design, funding, public relations? Just contact us!


I’ve always wanted to experience something like this. It’s incredible how much you can live in one day, if you’ve nothing else on your agenda than living! Already the first day felt like a week and it was mind-blowing. After the event it turned out to be a weird experience to go to a supermarket again.
— Paul Bulencea, Founder of the College of Extraordinary Experiences
Heroes Academy has the power to help you bringing your dreams to reality! Mine was to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu and now I would do anything necessary to reach the highest degree. After the event I left everything behind in order to go to China, study the language and work on small jobs to finance a full year of training in a monastery.
— Pierre B.
I’ve graduated from Singularity University at NASA, the HIVE Global Leaders Program, the UN Summer Intensive Program and have been to the counterculture festival of Burning Man. I can honestly say that Heroes Academy was by far the most significant immersive experience design journey I’ve ever had!
— Peppermint Patty