There is no fee to join the Academy. Accommodation, food and teachings are offered at no charge. This allows more people to have the opportunity to learn about the hero's path without financial capabilities being a barrier.
Like the Dhamma in Buddhism, the program is funded entirely by participants. This creates a circle of generosity, a core value of the community, which is embodied in the hero culture and mind development process.
The development of the movement and its accessibility to a larger worldwide audience is dependent on the Heroes Academy alumni's after program success and support.

HOW Are participants selected ?

The program being offered, the number of applications is substantial.
Though we believe everybody deserve to participate equally, sooner or later, we should prioritize selection for quality, diversity and sustainability of the Academy.

Thus, we have decided to select the applicants based on the following criteria:

*Highest diversity (countries, age, sex, unconventional lives...)
*Participation readiness (experiences, values, situation)
*Contribution to the academy (skill, passion, support)
*Authenticity and good feeling during our interview

Be sure to answer the application questions with honesty and dedication to maximize your chances to join us !

An extra way to join us is through Sponsor application, go to the end of this page to learn about it!


It is required for all participants to stay on-site at the provided accommodation in order to amplify the academy experience. Participants will share the space we will occupy on either beds, floor beds, tents, or other depending on the location we are.


Accepted participants will receive the address as well as detailed information on the best transportation possibilities to the property along with other details at a later date. The Heroes Academy's team may provide alternative transportation options and shuttles from closeby cities.


Heroes Academy’s program details are not revealed in advance, because we want the participants to be as fully present as possible. By not having knowledge of what to expect next, participants can be more engaged in the current activity. In addition to keeping the schedule secret to encourage presence and focus, Heroes Academy’s framework can take a wide variety of forms. Since the program is co-created between the Heroes Academy team and the participants, the experience is unique for each participant and each Academy. Each participant’s contribution is an essential factor in how the individual Hero Academy journey evolves.

No activity is obligatory! Each participant has the opportunity to decide in which they would like to engage.


English is the primary language chosen for the international group.  Fluency is required for full participation.  A program in another language might be developed at a later date. 

What is the sponsor application ?

Sponsor application is for those capable and willing to give in advance to their participation a substantial donation to promote the growth of the movement.
Our selection process still evaluates the readiness of participation but the sponsor is evaluated in another category with other Sponsor applicants.

Is it fair?

We believe everyone can contribute to the movement their own way. Our Academy funds only comes from participants, forming our generosity circle. Applicants with abundant resources may benefit from it, but the number of Sponsors is limited. 

With only the few sponsors who pledged the highest amount being selected as early birds, diversity isn't affected, and even maximized with funds pledged supporting the reach of our Academy to larger horizons.

Will it affect the participation in the event?

Neither their selection nor the amount they've given will be revealed (just like for any donation), to preserve group dynamics and the sponsor participant will therefore be considered just like the other ones.