HeroEs Community

Since the very first event, the community united to bring the movement forward to the world, to offer the program to the most individuals and for them to shine the furthest.

Our editions are organized in every corner of the world with people coming from a wide range of origins.

Past editions: HA Origin // HA Brittany // HA Transylvania
Coming up soon : Bulgaria // Taiwan // Mexico // Canada // Guadeloupe // Vietnam // Dominican Republic // Senegal … and every other countries our community will support the organization of !

Meta Satori, Founder

Driven by his will of contribution, his own personal development journey and previous experiences in event organisation, Meta always dreamed to join such a program. He gathered the people, methodologies and resources to launch the first edition of Heroes Academy in the summer 2016.


A diverse ambitious community united by a common goal is the strongest possible vector of innovation and change. Founding it was a pure pleasure and belonging there is highly empowering.
— Meta Satori


On top of their generous support to the movement, every previous Academy participant entering our community is a potential volunteer contributor to the development of our movement in their own way. Thus, even though leaded by a strong core, the team has no limits !